Dubai Residence Visa

The Dubai residence visa is required by those individuals who have a job placement in the United Arab Emirates. This type is typically arranged via an employer. All the requirements are fulfilled by them. A residence visa Dubai enables its holder to work, live and reside in the United Arab Emirates for a period of three years, and then it can be renewed for further stay. It also enables the individual to make a sponsorship for his family, wife as well as kids for residence in UAE but with a condition that is he must be earning at least AED 4000 without the accommodation or AED 3000 with the accommodation.

Dubai visa services

An individual coming to the United Arab Emirates on a visit can convert to a Dubai residence visa by fulfilling some conditions. Apart from the GCC nationals and citizens of UAE, people belonging to other countries must have it to legally reside in the United Arab Emirates. In case of most of the expatriates the organization that has employed them will have to sponsor them for residence in United Arab Emirate, together with work permit or labor card. It is an essential requirement if you want to open a bank account, want to register your car, want a driving license etc.

Dubai Residence Visa for Family

To be able to sponsor your children and spouse, the minimum required salary for a resident of United Arab Emirates for sponsorship is AED 10000 per month. The sponsor must also have his or her own accommodation facility which should not be shared with anyone else. UAE residence visa is only offered to those individuals who want a permanent settlement in the United Arab Emirates. One thing that should be noted is that it would get cancelled if the holder has stayed out of the emirates for more than six months.

Permanent Residence in United Arab Emirates

If you are planning on getting a permanent residence in the UAE / Dubai then you have to fulfill Dubai residence visathe anticipations of the immigration officials. In most cases the anticipation is about your capabilities to contribute towards the country when it comes to economical growth as well as giving back something to society. Additionally, it is also dependent upon your expertise and skills for working in the country. Therefore, you have to submit all the relevant documents of your skills and experience to be able to back the application for residence Visa UAE. Don’t worry we will help you in every aspect from making a highly effective application to attending the job interview as well as the successful processing of your application.

Use Our Services to Get a UAE Residence Visa

Our company offers Dubai immigration consulting services. We’ve an excellent team of specialist immigration experts. Who know all the details of the immigration guidelines to be able to offer highly professional services to the customers. We provide Dubai residence visa service to those who already have a job in UAE as well as to those who are on vacation there and want to apply for residency. Our company will assist you to get the best solution at the best time based on your requirements and eligibility. UAE residence visa makes it possible for immigrants to get settled in UAE for permanent basis and it also entitles them for various benefits offered by the Government.