Dubai Visa Services

We proud our self in giving a comprehensive and one stop solution for all Dubai visa requirements. Our mission is to target and fulfill the needs of each and every candidate that knocks at our door. Our Dubai visa fees are exceptional lower as compared to the other companies operating in the United Arab Emirates and we believe in delivering top quality service with a professional attitude. Our agents and client service personnel are driven and motivated to the highest levels. We offer each and every type of UAE visa service. The details of which are given below.

Dubai visa requirements and types

Dubai Visa Requirements and Types

Visit Visa

This type of Dubai visa is offered to those travelers who have planned to spend more then two weeks in United Arab Emirates. These travelers may include tourist who want to have some great time in the emirates, businessmen who may be going to UAE for some business related venture may be to finalize a deal, or regular people who are traveling in order to meet their families and relative. This type requires the holder to arrange a sponsor who must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates, or the sponsorship can be made via a company or hotel. But both of these must be authorized to work in the Emirates. If someone is sponsoring his or her distant relative he or she would have to pay a fee as guarantee.

Tourist Visa

This type is similar to visit except it is issued for a comparatively shorter period of time. Usually this type is acquired by vacationers, who come from all over the world to spend some holiday time in United Arab Emirates. It has a validity that last for 30 days and it can not be renewed. For this type the Dubai visa requirements is to arrange a sponsorship from the booked hotel along with the operator.

Transit Visa

The is a special type of UAE visa, that is needed by those people who have a long flight, but they need to make a stop in the United Arab Emirates to connect to a flight. It is issued for a period of 96 hours at the maximum. The major requirement is that you have to book the ticket for you final destination in advance. Otherwise you would not be entitled for this type. Airline companies also offer these services, but it is better to use the services of a specialized company like ours for this purpose.

Residence Visa

If you have a job contract in UAE then you are eligible to apply for this type. In most cases it is arranged by the employer on your behalf. This type helps an individual to stay for much longer periods of time in the United Arab Emirates that is a maximum a three year. After completion on three year you have to renew it. Along with all these services we offer Dubai immigration consultancy as well. For more information on Dubai visa requirements you can contact us via telephone or email.