Dubai Visit Visa

A Dubai visit visa is required by those tourists who would like to stay for a longer period in the United Arab Emirates that is more then 14 days. It includes all those who are visiting to see their families as well as business visitors. The UAE visit visa requires sponsorship from a United Arab Emirates resident or any hotel or company that is licensed to operate within UAE. Expatriates are required to submit a guarantee fee that is refundable if they want to sponsor any of their distant relative.

Dubai visit visa service

Generally a Dubai visit visa has a validity of either thirty days which can be further extended for an additional thirty days or otherwise a sixty days validity that can not be extended. Along with these our company also offers other UAE tourist visas that have a validity of 14 days. These short term types are often used by business travelers who make frequent visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Keep a Check on Government Website for Updates

To be able to go to the United Arab Emirates, visitors have to have an approval. In the following paragraphs details are given on the steps that an individual has to follow to obtain it and begin his or her trip to the different Emirates of UAE. It must be mentioned that it is advised to always have a check on the Government’s website for any updates or changes in the rules and regulations.

Getting Someone to Sponsor a Dubai Visit Visa

Having a sponsor is a must for this kind of visa. This can sound to be very overwhelming in the Get a UAE visit visabeginning and lots of people may start questioning that how can they get a sponsor inside the emirate as it is their first trip to this place. The great thing is that getting someone to sponsor you is a lot easy and simple then many think. A sponsor could possibly be a travel agent or hotel which accounts for organizing your vacation and handling all the accommodation needs. A company or United Arab Emirates resident can also act as a sponsor. The visit visa Dubai is generally issued with a validity of 30 (renewable) or 60 days (not renewable). Therefore it is better that you are aware of the time duration you are going to spend in UAE.

Necessary Documents Required

After you have sort out the sponsor, the next to do is to get an approval of visit visa Dubai. You need to give the sponsor details of the flight information as well as details about your passport. Then the sponsor will be responsible for application and acquiring of it. The sponsor will also need a photocopy of the passport and 2 photographs. Once it is approved and received by the sponsor, he or she will fax the confirmation to you and it will be guaranteed that the original UAE visit visa will be available to you at the airport.

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Using our service you can arrange Dubai visit visa from anywhere in the world. We have a dedicated team of professionals and we offer the cheapest rate in the industry. By doing business with us you do not have be worried about arranging a sponsor or reserving a room in a good hotel we provide all these services and arrange every thing on your behalf. Call our customer service agents if you have any query about UAE visit visa processing.